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OCT & True Color Fundus Camera


Introducing automated OCT, true color fundus photography and automated OCT Angiography in one compact instrument. With the touch of a button, OCTA provides you instantaneous vascular structure information – from our world-renowned, multi-modal OCT solution.


A user-friendly OCT. The Maestro2 uses robotic technology and improves practice efficiency whilst providing optimal patientcare.

Fully Automated Capture
With a single touch, the Maestro2 automatically performs alignment, focus, optimization and capture. After image capture, the report can be immediately displayed by clicking on the icon. 

Manual/Semi-Automatic Capture
In addition to automated capture, the Maestro2 offers manual/semi-auto options for difficult-to-image patients.


Auto Align. Auto Focus. Auto Capture.

Widefield OCT Scan
The Maestro2 can capture a 12mmx9mm widefield OCT scan, encompassing both the macula and optic disc. Ideal for an annual eye exam, the scan reduces patient testing time. It provides thickness and reference data
for the retina, RNFL and ganglion cell layers together with a Glaucoma report which includes disc topography.

GCL+: The thickness of GCL and IPL 
GCL++: The thickness of GCL, IPL and RNFL

Wide field report

Hood Report for Glaucoma with Probability Maps with 3D Wide 12x9mm Scan 
Retinal Thickness/RNFL/GCL and probability maps, all in one report. The New Hood Glaucoma Report is now available. This innovative report streamlines the decision-making process through the correlation of structure
(GCL/RNFL) with function (overlay of visual field test locations).*
*Donald C. Hood PhD, Translational Vision Science & Technology No.6 Vol.3 2014: Evaluation of a One-Page Report to Aid in Detecting Glaucomatous Damage.

Hood Glaucoma report

Maestro2 – Now Featuring OCT Angiography
Introducing fully automated OCT Angiography*1
At the touch of a button, Maestro2 provides instantaneous vascular flow information without the need for contrast dye injection, together with comprehensive segmentation to enable advanced diagnosis. OCT Angiography
includes OCTA Density.*2
*1 OCTA optional extra in some countries. Please check with the distributor in your country.
*2 The OCTA Density is defined as the ratio between the high signal area and low signal area and it is displayed in color and/or number.


OCT Angio

Follow-Up Scans
For smaller, more localized areas, tracking based on the reference image allows follow-up scans to be performed.


Not all products, services or offers are approved or offered in every market, and products vary from one country to another. Contact your local distributor for country-specific information.

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